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Export as SQLite


I think that good services let their users export their data as easily as possible, whether to migrate to other services, use themselves, or make their backups (I do backups of my Google Photos with Google Takeout)

According to that idea, I added an option to export your account as an SQLite DB.

Screenshot of the SQLite export view

The SQLite DB does not copy the schema of KeepThisSite internals; it is just a projection with some normalized data in a way that would be helpful for the users.

Currently, the export has three tables, pins, tags, and the join table pin_tags. The pins table contains all the user's introduced data and the data the system collects, like "meta description", the extracted HTML, text, and detected language. There is also a base 64 image. I opted for including URLs for downloading big files like the screenshots and MHTML captures.

As the next step, I am currently working (it's already available)on a process to allow importing the SQLite again so the user can back up its account, perform some destructive action, and restore it from the SQLite.