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What is KeepThisSite?


KeepThisSite is a humble and opinionated bookmarking service. There are several similar services out there, some pretty mature, but only this one is mine.

I am building it because I want to test in a production environment things that I could not try in my daily job. Also, a bookmarking service is something that I would use daily, so I am the first user.

It is free, at least at the moment; probably, I would keep it free forever, at least a basic account. The most expensive feature currently is the full screenshot (which I can optimize) and the MHTL capture.

Some expensive features, like the full screenshot and the MHTML capture, would be only enabled for some users.

I have a long list of features to work on, starting with the UI (browser and edit tags), the web extension (I am already working on it), and boards (private and public), but also other features that are more experimental but exciting in my opinion like allowing the users export and import the account in SQLite (the idea on HN), find relations between links, fetch information from other sources about the link (it's already implemented for HackerNews)

If you are interested, you can sign up in less than 10 seconds; there is already a basic system for importing  Firefox bookmarks. Let me know if you are interested in other formats; the email should appear at the bottom of the page.